A Family Team Dedicated to Providing Legal Services of Unmatched Excellence

King & King, LLC was founded by the dynamic father and son team of Floyd R. King and Bret F. King.  Formed by two men of great passion, intelligence, and drive, King & King, LLC has devoted nearly thirty years to helping members of the Jackson community with all of their legal needs.  The attorneys at King & King, LLC provide expert assistance in the areas of business law and litigation, civil litigation, insurance defense, and construction and real estate litigation.  King & King, LLC was established with one goal in mind: to provide the people of Wyoming with knowledgeable, thorough, compassionate, and zealous representation.  King & King provides individualized attention to each client and seeks first to help individuals and business owners avoid legal pitfalls.  At King & King, LLC, our focus is always on the client and we will not rest until your expectations are not just met, but surpassed.  Find out more about Floyd R. King and Bret F. King, the driving forces behind King & King, LLC, below:

  • Floyd R. King

Floyd R. King began practicing law in 1961 in Jackson, Wyoming.  Mr. King opened his practice above the old Jackson Drug on the Town Square, becoming one of only two lawyers in the valley.  Mr. King quickly developed a reputation for knowledgeable, compassionate, and zealous representation which he continues to hold today.  Always dedicated to the Jackson community, Mr. King has served as town and county attorney as well as U.S. Magistrate for the 10th Circuit.  Throughout his forty plus years providing legal services, Mr. King has gathered extensive experience across a wide range of fields.  He is a seasoned civil and business litigator, with countless courtroom hours and numerous high stakes wins.  Mr. King also focuses on construction and real estate litigation, business law, and insurance defense.  Floyd R. King’s decades of legal practice have provided invaluable knowledge to Bret F. King, his son and successor

  • Bret F. King

Growing up, Bret F. King was constantly regaled with stories from people in the community of how his father, Floyd King, had helped them through difficult times.  Bret King understood early on the positive impact his father had on the Jackson Hole community.  It was this same desire to help others that sparked Bret King’s later decision to attend law school and join his father in practice. After graduating with a J.D. from the University of Wyoming, Bret King and Floyd King formed King & King, LLC in 1985.  The father and son team chose to place the firm in Jackson, where Floyd King had already devoted years of legal practice and Bret King had grown up.  The firm, now one of the oldest in Jackson, quickly earned a reputation for excellence.  Throughout his nearly thirty years in practice, Bret King has tried dozens of cases in several state and federal courts, primarily in Wyoming.  Mr. King has represented injured parties from automobile, oil rig, and trucking accidents, insurance defense, construction litigation, wrongful termination, will challenges, professional malpractice, and significant asset divorce matters. Like his father, Bret King is highly involved in the Jackson legal community.  He is a member of The Order of Barristers, past president of the Teton County Bar Association, and past member of the Board of Directors of Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association.  Mr. King acts as a Circuit Court magistrate and alternate judge for the town of Jackson.  In addition, Mr. King is renowned for his mediation skills, frequently serving as a mediator at the request for judges, attorneys, or clients. Bret King’s extensive litigation experience has led to numerous high profile victories, including a $12.5 million judgment for a local business owner.  Mr. King’s success stems from his thorough investigation, extensive legal research, painstaking preparation, aggressive courtroom presence, and, above all, strong desire to succeed for his clients.

  • Sarah P. Chapin –certified paralegal 

King & King, LLC: Fulfilling the Shared Vision of This Father and Son Team            

For Floyd R. King and Bret F. King, the practice of law is not just a career—it is a passion.  Floyd King and Bret King are driven by an unyielding passion for both the law and their clients.  The passion of the founding members of King & King, LLC is evident in all the firm does, from the initial consultation to the winning day at trial.  King & King, LLC, assists clients with a wide range of legal issues, including business law needs, civil litigation, insurance defense, and construction and real estate litigation.  At King & King, LLC, each client receives the same high standard of legal representation, no matter how large or small their case may be.

King & King LLC invite you to call them today at (307) 733-2904 to discuss your case and learn more about their firm.  

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