King & King, LLC: The Civil Litigation Experts

The attorneys at King & King, LLC have decades of experience in civil litigation and a proven track record of success, including several multi-million dollar judgments.  Founding member Floyd King is a veteran trial attorney, with the added benefit of years of experience on the bench.  Floyd King’s son and successor, Bret F. King, has achieved phenomenal results for his civil litigation clients, recently securing a $12.5 million win for a local business owner. The seasoned litigators at King & King, LLC will knowledgably, aggressively, and skillfully guide you toward legal victory.

King & King, LLC provides a wide array of civil litigation services.  Our areas of practice include:

  • Personal Injury

At King & King, LLC, we understand the devastating impact an accident can have on your life and livelihood.  Our compassionate attorney team provides zealous representation to accident victims and their families.  With years of experience bringing personal injury accidents and unmatched skill in investigations, the attorneys at King & King, LLC will obtain the results you desire.

  • Medical Malpractice

Medical negligence is the third leading cause of death in the U.S., right behind heart disease and cancer.  Each year, billions of dollars are spent in medical malpractice payouts, averaging to one payout every 43 minutes.  Our very lives are often in the hands of the medical professionals found within hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, and other health care facilities.  All too often, however, errors occur and these errors can cause severe harm, or even death.  The trial attorneys at King & King, LLC provide compassionate representation to the victims of medical malpractice and their families.  We handle a broad range of medical malpractice cases, including: birth injuries, medication errors, surgical errors, emergency room negligence, infant deaths, and OB-GYN errors.  The father and son team at King & King, LLC will not rest until you obtain justice.

  • Wrongful Death

The loss of a loved one is always tragic, but particularly so when the death is a result of the negligence of another.  In Wyoming, the family members of deceased relatives can bring an action for wrongful death against the individual or entity responsible.  In a wrongful death action, family members can recover for burial expenses, medical expenses, loss of love and affection, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering of the deceased before their death.  King & King, LLC has provided compassionate and effective representation to the loved ones of accident victims.  While we can never bring your loved one back, we will do all we can to ease the burden of their loss.

  • Product Liability

King & King, LLC is committed to ensuring the manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers of consumer products are held responsible for injury or loss of life attributed to these products.  Defective product cases require skilled attorneys with sufficient resources to bring these complex and costly cases to trial.  At King & King, LLC, we have vast experience representing those injured due to defective products, including automobile defects, dangerous drugs, medical devices, household products, dangerous household items and toys, and tire defects.

  • Truck, Automobile, and Motorcycle Accidents     

Millions of individuals are injured or killed each year in accidents involving trucks, automobiles, and motorcycles.  Car accidents continue to be the number one cause of accidental death among adults, and injuries attributed to automobile accidents frequently cost the victim hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical fees, lost wages, and permanent disabilities or disfigurements.  Due to the huge size and bulk of commercial trucks, truck accidents can have devastating consequences.  Accident victims will require an attorney well versed in commercial trucking laws and liability law.  Given their lack of protection, motorcycle accident victims frequently suffer significant injuries to their head, neck, and spine, necessitating years of medical care.

At King & King, LLC, we will fight aggressively to see the victims of automobile, truck, and motorcycle accidents be made whole again.  Our attorney team provides investigation, research, and litigation of unmatched excellence, getting you the justice you deserve.

  • Oil Rig Accidents

Wyoming ranks among the worst in the nation in workplace fatalities, and the high number of deaths attributed to oil drilling accidents is a substantial contributing factor.  Heavy equipment such as drilling rigs, platforms, haul trucks, drilling equipment, scoops, conveyors and the like present serious threats to individuals working in or around oil and gas fields, mines, and plants.  Suits stemming from oil rig accidents are often highly complex and require a true expert in the field.  At King & King, LLC, we have decades of experience representing the victims of oil rig accidents and a track record of proven success.

  • Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination occurs when an employer discharges an employee for an unlawful reason.  Some possible forms of wrongful termination include: retaliation for whistle blowing; constructive wrongful termination; termination while on pregnancy or medical leave; retaliation for filing a sexual harassment complaint; and discrimination due to race, age, sex, pregnancy, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.  The attorneys at King & King, LLC will fight to see your former employer held accountable for his or her unconscionable actions.

  • Employment Law

King & King, LLC has decades of experience in the field of employment law.  Our firm is unique in that we do not confine ourselves to plaintiff or defense; rather, we are a client focused firm.  In representing both plaintiffs and defendants, we have gained a greater understanding of the tactics and strategies of each side, giving us a competitive edge.  King & King, LLC represents both employers and employees in a wide array of employment law matters, including discrimination claims, Family & Medical Leave Act issues, severance agreements, covenants not to compete, sexual harassment, and workers’ compensation.

  • King & King, LLC: Wyoming Civil Litigators

At King & King, LLC,we pride ourselves on a tradition of excellence.  We strive to ensure each client leaves our office in a better position than when they entered it.

To schedule an appointment with one of our expert civil litigators, call us today at (307) 733-2904.  We look forward to providing you with superior legal representation.