King & King, LLC:  Your Construction and Real Estate Litigation Experts

The Construction and Real Estate Litigation practice at King & King, LLC offers clients a comprehensive range of litigation services.  We represent public and private owners, general contractors, developers, insurers, condominium associations, design professionals, and manufacturers of building products in a wide range of matters.  The attorneys at King & King, LLC combine their sophisticated knowledge of the law with the effectiveness that comes from years of litigation experience in the real estate and construction industries.  For nearly 30 years, our firm has tackled complex, high stakes real estate and construction cases.  Our track record of success has earned us an unmatched reputation for excellence in the field.

  • Construction and Real Estate Disputes Are On the Rise

Studies show that the number of disputes concerning real estate, both residential and commercial, and construction has increased in recent years.  This is likely due to the uncertainty of the current housing market, along with shrinking financial resources for new and existing development projects. At King & King, LLC, our attorneys have handled cases across Wyoming, wherever real estate and construction challenges arise.  Our clients range from private owners to large developers.  We take pride in providing the same exceptional service to each and every client.  Despite the increasing demand for representation in real estate and construction matters, we at King & King, LLC accept only those cases that we feel have a high likelihood for success.  This allows us to devote all of our time, resources, and energy to your case.

  • Resolving Real Estate Disputes

The veteran litigation attorneys at King & King, LLC provide meticulous and skilled representation to clients involved in all manner of real estate disputes.  Commercial or residential real estate disputes can have a devastating impact on those involved.  King & King, LLC compassionately leads clients involved in real estate disputes to an efficient, positive resolution. With decades of experience in the industry, King & King, LLC has extensive practice defending and prosecuting a variety of real estate lawsuits, such as:

  • Breach of agreements to buy or sell
  • Quiet title actions
  • Foreclosure of construction liens
  • Mortgage foreclosures
  • Negotiation of short sales
  • Property partition actions
  • Boundary disputes
  • Commercial evictions
  • Riparian rights disputes
  • Property defects and failure to disclose
  • Escrow disputes
  • Commercial foreclosure representation
  • Homeowner’s Association disputes, including liens and foreclosures
  • Landlord-tenant issues
  • Oil, gas, and mineral rights related issues
  • Effective Construction Litigation

At King & King, LLC, we understand that you have invested valuable time, energy, funds, and other resources into your construction project.  When a dispute arises, you need knowledgeable, effective legal representation that will resolve the deadlock and allow you to return to the work at hand. We represent parties involved in nearly every aspect of the construction industry, including: contractors, developers, investors, owners, insurers, engineers, trade associations, design professionals, and manufacturers of building materials.  Our clients are involved in projects ranging from retail developments, public works, office buildings, housing communities, single and multifamily housing, highways, hotels, and utilities. Bret King of King & King, LLC aims first to protect his clients from ever becoming involved in a construction conflict.  He works with clients to draft, review, and negotiate clear and understandable contracts that will help minimize the likelihood of disagreements.  When disputes do arise, our attorneys are adept negotiators who will strive to achieve favorable resolutions so as to preserve key relationships and avoid negative publicity. In some cases, however, litigation is the best option for achieving the desired redress or defending against allegations of wrongdoing.  With over 70 combined years of trial experience, King & King, LLC will expertly lead you to success in the courtroom.

  • A Proven Track Record of Success

King & King, LLC has been involved in several high stakes real estate and construction litigation cases in the Jackson area.  Bret F. King represented Beaver Creek Land & Cattle LLC in a complex, multimillion dollar breach of contract action.  Through Mr. King’s aggressive and dedicated representation, Beaver Creek succeeded in the action.  A federal judge ordered the Colorado man who backed out of purchasing Beaver Creek’s $62 million ranch to pay $12.5 million for failing to close on it.  Mr. King stated publically that this large award was well warranted because the defaulting buyer affected numerous people when he walked away from the deal.  More details concerning this phenomenal victory can be found in the News section of our webpage. Other high profile cases which King & King, LLC has been involved in include a litigious dispute over construction work on Saddle Butte Drive, wherein Mr. King represented the owners of a lot that was damaged due to the trespassing of construction workers hired by the developer.  Another case with a long legal history is that of Markstein v. Countryside I, L.L.C, which concerned fishing and club use rights along the Snake River. These are just a sampling of representative real estate and construction litigation cases.  Our attorney team has devoted over thirty years and countless man hours to fighting for our clients and their livelihoods in the realm of real estate and construction law.

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